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Unlike other Indiana injury law firms you may have heard about on the covers of phone books, billboards, television commercials or even direct mail solicitations, our firm does not devote precious time and resources to every injury case that walks through our door.  We are a traffic injury law firm that is not for everybody, and generally only handle a certain number of traffic injury cases per year in the area of serious injuries caused by car, truck, or motorcycle accidents.


In our experience, limiting the number of cases per year allows us to personally devote the time and attention to your case that you or a loved one deserve.  Although we have four offices, expenses in our injury firm are kept to a minimum.  As opposed to money spent on television commercials and lavish offices, we use our resources to fully develop our client's injury cases through advanced expenses so as to maximize the greatest monetary recovery possible for our clients.


Injured people we can help:

  1. People injured in an Indiana car, truck or motorcycle accident who have needed or continue to be in need of hospital treatment.

  2. People who have been injured in an Indiana traffic accident caused by the fault of another whether injured within a vehicle, as a pedestrian or otherwise injured by the negligent operation of a car, truck or motorcycle in any way.


As with all circumstances, there are exceptions to every rule as to the specific injury cases we accept. While we primarily accept only serious injury cases caused in traffic accidents, if you or a loved one has been seriously injured as a result of another's negligence not traffic accident related, we are always here to consult with and available to help should you need our legal services. We are available to help all who have been negligently injured and will always investigate all ways that we can be of service to those in need.

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