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I am a devoted biker, former Indiana felony traffic crime prosecutor and an Indiana Motorcycle Accident Attorney. As both a motorcyclist who has known fellow bikers who have been killed and as a prosecutor who has put those who have recklessly injured in traffic accidents behind bars, I have a passion to get justice for injured riders and the families who depend on them.

People through the years have asked me,"How did you become a lawyer who only handles motorcycle accident cases?" Like anyone else in life, I wanted my daily efforts to have real meaning in people's lives. I was priviliged to begin my legal career as a felony prosecutor selected to handle traffic related criminal prosecutions. Little did I realize that my initial career choice would impact my efforts to this day. While there are many caring attorneys who tackle the cause of all types of injury cases, my unique training and experiences compelled me to focus on accident victims who typically suffer most of all when an accident occurs; motorcycle riders and their families.

In Indiana, a disproportionate number of serious traffic related injuries and death occurs when either a negligent driver or other form of negligence causes harm to a fellow biker. Unlike the protective shell of an automobile or internal seatbelt harness, airbag etc., an Indiana biker has only their skill and good judgement to protect them when traveling our roadways. When riding my own bike, the traumatic experiences of other bikers injured through no fault of their own is never far from my thoughts. As a motorcycle accident atttorney in Indiana, I know all to well that the injured biker is often left to suffer alone; saddled with catastrophic medical bills and insurance companies concerned more with saving a buck than coming to the aid of an injured biker. Never will I allow that to happen to a fellow biker while on my watch.

Unfortunately, the injured motorcycle rider in Indiana is the least likely to be taken care of by one's insurance company at the time they need it most. Why? Because insurance companies and their agents are employed to save and make their companies money. Motorcycle riders who suffer the most serious injuries are also those most capable of impacting an insurance company's bottom line. When an insurance company attempts to take advantage of a vulnerable biker in need of assistance it is most rewarding to be there to help when the help is needed most. However, a top Indiana motorcycle accident attorney can only help if consulted before any payment is taken from your insurance company. Do not allow an insurance company agent to confuse you into signing away your long term rights in return for a quick one time settlement check.

Any lawyer can claim to work motorcycle accident cases or pose on a motorcycle for an advertisement. A select few can say they limit their practice to this line of important work. It is most common for one to find that their lawyer has never even ridden a motorcycle much less possess an Indiana motorcycle license. When making sure that you've got a capable Indiana Motorcycle Accident Attorney on your side, please review five important questions to ask an Indiana personal injury attorney located at the bottom of our homepage.


Stark Law Offices, P.C. has formerly trained with ABOITE Indiana, the premier training organization for motorcycle riders and those seeking to obtain a valid motorcycle license in the State of Indiana.  As such, we know and keep up to date on the changing safety norms and expectations for those riding on Indiana roadways.  We know the safeguards that motorcycle riders should expect, and how to hold those who negligently cause injury to motorcycle riders to account.


As Indiana motorcycle accident lawyers we know how to deal with insurance companies who will often attempt to confuse a motorcycle rider as to the valid legal obligations imposed on drivers in an attempt to diminish the legal rights of Indiana bikers from pursuing valid legal claims for injury.


Indiana's motorcycle laws are often different from other states.  Far too frequently, we learn of an out of state insurance company or defense lawyer who has intentionally or unintentionally conveyed to a client incorrect legal information to an insured Indiana motorcycle rider.  To provide just one example, as is often cited, most Indiana motorcycle riders are under no legal obligation to wear a helmet when operating a motorcycle on Indiana roadways.  As a result, as Indiana motorcycle accident attorneys, we know that Indiana motorcycle riders should not allow the fact that they may not have been wearing a helmet at the time they were injured discourage or defeat a biker's legal cause of action. The effect of laws such as these can be difficult for many to understand. It is my job to make your insurance company; and if needed a jury to understand the rights and protections owed to you as a responsible biker. Weaing a helmet is not the law in Indiana. Further, wearing a helmut does not prevent accidents. As a result, not wearing a helmut in Indiana does not affect your right to seek compensation for your injuries.


Depending on the legal or factual circumstances within each Indiana motorcycle injury case, we know how to apply the facts to the relevant Indiana motorcycle accident case law to insure that motorcycle riders are protected.

Where another driver is not involved, Motorcycle accident victims often have little idea as to what may have caused an accident and ultimate injuries. However, whether it be a defective motorcycle or part to an improperly maintained roadway, you know when something went wrong. Part of the job of an experienced motorcycle accident attorney is the retention of qualified experts to investigate any potential causes of a motorcycle accident on an Indiana roadway. Not unlike the producer of an investigative report or documentary, your motorcycle attorney must get to the root causes of the accident in order to determine fault and ultimate liability for injury. We are there and have been there for injured bikers in their time of need and we'll be there for you!

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