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What your insurance company does not want you to know about Indiana Accident Law.


One injured in an Indiana traffic accident must always be suspicious of an insurance agent who seeks to have an injured person sign away their legal rights to compensation for injuries in return for a quick settlement offer.  Once a settlement check is accepted by an injured person, the insurance company is not obligated to pay their insured a cent more for any further injury or medical bill caused as a result of a traffic accident.  More often than not, a client will relate how nice, kind and attentive their insurance company agent has been, even to the extent of visiting them in the hospital or asking how much money they need to supplement their medical bills.  Why seek an Indiana accident attorney, the insurance agent will ask.  Such an attorney will take a third a third to forty percent of what we give you, they will say.


Do not be fooled.  An insurance company agent is paid to make sure a top Indiana injury lawyer is not consulted, much less retained to represent an injured person.  Why?  Because an insurance agent knows that the moment an Indiana injury attorney is retained, the injured patient can no longer be taken advantage of and the potential payout to their insured will be much higher and in line with fair compensation.


In the State of Indiana there exists a two(2) year Statute of Limitations to bring a claim for injuries caused by a traffic accident.  Unlike some other states, in the State of Indiana an Indiana Accident Attorney must prove that a victim was less than fifty percent(50) at fault for a traffic accident that caused any injuries that they have sustained.  This legal doctrine is called "Comparative Fault."


In Indiana, as long as a person is found to be less than fifty percent at fault, they may recover financial compensation for injuries sustained within any Indiana car, motorcycle, or truck accident.  With comparative fault, the amount of monetary damages are reduced according to the percentage of fault attributed to each party.  As a result, a one million dollar judgment for a client found to be forty(40) percent at fault for causing an Indiana accident would be legally entitled to a reduced legal judgement in the amount of six hundred ($600,000) dollars. 


Most importantly, Indiana traffic accident victims may recover what are called "Compensatory Damages" beyond mere medical bills and vehicle repair costs. Such damages are generally damages for medical bills, lost wages, but most significantly to victims of negligence, damages for pain and suffering that experienced Indiana accident lawyers can maximize. Predictably, your insurance company representative is not eager to discuss such damages, choosing to focus your attention on quick financial help for medical bills, auto repair and lost wages and not the true measure of the worth of your case, the financial recognition of your pain and suffering caused by another's negligence.

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