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An Indiana Personal Injury Attorney Who Gets Justice For People Injured In Car & Motorcycle Accidents Anywhere in Indiana

Recovering financial compensation for people wrongfully injured in car, truck or motorcycle accidents is what we do. Our successful results for clients across Indiana do not happen by accident, but by hard work and invaluable experience.  When in need of an Indiana attorney,
call us for free.  For Indiana car, truck or motorcycle injuries, We know how to help you!

Put a Fmr. Indiana Traffic Law Prosecutor On Your Side For a Car, Truck or Motorcycle Injury Anywhere in Indiana.

Although we have four office locations, physical impairment, distance or time constraints often make it difficult for people to visit with an Indiana personal injury attorney. Even though we can meet in person at any time, it is not always necessary to come to one of our offices to speak about your case or to retain us to represent you. Whether you prefer to visit at your home, hospital or our office, or simply wish to speak by phone, one call puts a top lawyer by your side anywhere in Indiana.

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Unlike most Indiana injury law firms that will take any injury case put before them, Stark Law Offices, P.C., concentrates its practice on getting monetary results for people injured in car, truck or motorcycle accidents. As a former Indiana Felony Traffic Law Prosecutor it has been my privilege to fight for the victims of such negligence and wrongdoing.  I know all too well the pain and financial hardships imposed on those injured on Indiana roadways every day. As one of the few Indiana injury law firms to practice exclusively in the area of injuries caused by Car, Truck & Indiana Motorcycle Accidents, we have been able to focus our efforts and unique experience to maximize as much financial recovery as possible on behalf of our injured clients.


When in need of a top Indiana Car & Motorcycle Accident Attorney, We Know How To Help You


Faced with physical and financial pain of injury, dealing with insurance companies and getting the medical help you need, you should not be expected to know what steps to take to insure that your legal rights are protected. If you have been seriously injured, or a loved one of someone facing an ongoing battle with rehabilitation, I don't need to tell you the hardships such an experience can have on everyone involved. Some of the most courageous acts of heroism I have witnessed has been by the injured and their determination to perservere against great odds and families and friends who have often sacrificed everything to be a source of support to a loved one in need. When it comes to necessary legal and financial support, that's where I come in. At Stark Law Offices, when it comes to compensating for pain and suffering, compensation for lost wages or loss of companionship and love, we are about fighting for your financial recovery more than anything else. Quite simply, when it comes to dealing with insurance companies to fairly compensate for one's injuries; it is about the money.


The choices you make now can have a lasting financial effect on your future.  I am an Indiana Car Accident Attorney and Indiana Motorcycle Accident Lawyer practicing within the courtrooms of Indiana each and every day.  As a result, I know what steps to take and when to take them to enhance the likelihood of a favorable resolution to your Indiana Injury case.


Whether you choose Stark Law Offices, P.C., to represent you for injuries suffered in an automobile or truck accident or need the advice of an Indiana motorcycle accident attorney, we stand ready, willing and able to provide you with whatever free guidance and consultation you need in this most difficult time.


Five questions to ask a potential Indiana Personal Injury Attorney

  1. Will an Indiana Car Accident Attorney or Indiana Motorcycle Accident Lawyer be the person working on my case?  Such a question sounds silly to the average person unfamiliar with the workings of large law firms.  However, before deciding that the Indiana car accident lawyer with the most tv commercials or largest telephone book ad is the right one for you, consider the individual attention that your Indiana car, truck or motorcycle accident lawyer is likely to give to you and your injury case.  Many good people unfortunately learn when it's too late that too many large law firms focus more on advertising and the number of potential clients they can bring through the door than doing the careful legal work of an Indiana injury case.  As a result, it is critical that you get reassurance that an experienced Indiana car accident attorney will be handling the majority of your case and not a paralegal or young lawyer fresh out of law school.

  2. Are you an Indiana Personal Injury Attorney who only handles traffic injury cases?  At Stark Law Offices, P.C., our civil law practice generally accepts no other cases than injuries caused by Indiana Traffic Accidents.  Experience as an Indiana Traffic Law prosecutor allows us the experience and passion necessary to fight for those victimized by negligent or drunk drivers.  By focusing our practice to a limited number of these cases, we are best able to give victims of such accidents the time and attention they deserve.  As stated throughout our website, at Stark Law Offices, P.C. we do not advertise on billboards, the covers of telephone books or solicit by mail to each and every person who has been injured in Indiana.  We are selective in the cases we concentrate on and believe our single minded focus on injuries caused by Indiana traffic accidents allows us to be your best advocate should you or a loved one be in need of a top Indiana car accident attorney.

  3. Are you an attorney who has ever worked for an insurance company?  Certainly there are many fine and ethical Indiana injury attorneys who have had experience in previously helping to deny injury claims made by accident victims.  However, we take pride in the fact that we have never sought to ever represent anyone other than those victimized by negligent or drunk drivers.  Part of the selection of an Indiana car accident attorney should always be a gut instinct as to whether your attorney's heart and mindset tends to side with the underdog who has been hurt in a traffic accident or whether your attorney's sympathies are truly more in line with insurance company philosophy who look upon accident victims as a nuisance seeking to make a quick buck.

  4. I know I do not have to pay an Indiana Personal Injury Attorney until I am awarded a settlement, but does your injury attorney advance expenses for my case or must I?  Too many people learn when it's too late that although you might not have to pay an Indiana personal injury attorney until any settlement is obtained, your case may never be successfully settled without the proper attention and advanced expenditures put into it.  What many Indiana traffic accident victims do not see, is that too many injury cases sit in piles a top a large injury law firm desktop, cases that are not deemed worthy of the attorney's time or financial investment.  At Stark Law Offices, P.C., this will never happen to you, as our limited number of traffic accident cases accepted insures that no expense will be spared to present the best case possible so as to maximize financial recovery for your injuries.

  5. Are you an Indiana Personal Injury Attorney who has ever been subjected to legal discipline?  As legal discipline for attorney misconduct is unfortunately on the rise with each passing year, included on our website is a link to the Indiana Roll of Attorneys which can quickly help answer whether an Indiana Personal Injury Attorney you are considering has always upheld the most ethical and professional standard of care.

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